Global Energy Group Asia-Pacific is committed to introducing employment opportunities for indigenous Australians throughout the regions in which we operate.

Since establishing the Group in Australia in 2011 and appreciating the cultural diversity that exists in our new home, we have increasingly learned of the importance of an effective program to support Australia's Indigenous people.

Diversity, equal opportunity and serving our local community are at the core of our employment principles worldwide, which is highlighted by our commitment to our resident economic and community development and throughout our international operations.

The Group are dedicated to creating employment opportunities to further demonstrate our principles, to embrace Australian culture and support its' great people.

Australia presents a unique and exciting challenge, so having established dedicated resources to explore and identify employment opportunities for Australia's indigenous people, we will continue utilising local knowledge and established support bases to develop our employment program.

As we continue to expand in Australia, we genuinely feel that we can offer a diverse range of opportunities at various entry levels, which will make a real difference to the local and wider community as well as promoting a positive and welcoming environment in our workforce.

Network of Employees

Over the 10 years since Global was founded its workforce has grown to more than 4000 highly skilled and motivated people.

Continual Growth

A combination of sustained organic growth and an aggressive buy and build strategy has seen turnover grow rapidly year on year.

Global Reach

With 40 offices spread across 6 continents Global has expanded its UK base with operations in Australia, America, UAE, Norway and West Africa.

Reducing Risks

Our schedule-focused teams deliver integrity solutions to maximise asset uptime and mitigate the risk of lost revenue for our clients.

...working together for success